ABOVE AND BEYOND! BY FAR THE BEST REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS WE HAVE EVER WORKED WITH! This was our fifth real estate transaction. Over the years, we had gotten used to being disappointed by real estate agents who always seemed to represent their own (or another party’s) interests over ours. As we  prepared to buy our new home here in Florida, we expected more of the same. When we met Melissa and Chris Byrd however, we were introduced to an entirely new breed of real estate professionals. They were immediately attuned to our interests, responsive to all our questions and needs, and were always upfront and honest with us during the entire process. This was a pleasant and refreshing change from what we had been accustomed to in the past! Professionals like Melissa and Chris are increasingly hard to find in any profession these days. Few people hold themselves to the high standards that they do, and few people have the kind of uncompromising integrity, character, and authentic loyalty that they demonstrate. All other real estate agents could learn from these two! The process of buying and selling properties would be so much easier and less stressful if all agents were of the caliber that Melissa and Chris Byrd are. We were extremely lucky to find and work with Melissa and Chris Byrd from Service Matters Realty and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to either buy or sell a home! They make the process seamless, transparent, and easy. We would (and will) go out of our way to work with them again in the future!